There Is Always Someone Walking The Same Path

During our careers we go through multiple evolutions of: I need to do something, I learn, I do it, then move to the next thing.

During the learning phase we meet people who are ahead of us. Peers, friends, people who post online - they always seem to know more than us. The more we learn and become better, the more we realise there is more to learn.

It is easy to become intimidated - there is always someone ahead of us.

In those moments of doubt it would be wise to remember that it also works backwards. Wherever you are in your career - starting out or experienced veteran - there is always someone walking the same path behind you. Looking at you with the same eyes, hungry to learn.

Do it. Share your experience. Level others up.

Teach, speak, mentor, document, or blog about it, and you will always have a reader or a listener.

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