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My recent posts (and drafts in the pipeline) explore the human side of software engineering, the decision making behind Kubernetes, the impostor syndrome, the self-learning, and the psychology of technical interviews.

I enjoyed writing them. Often I feel like a bursting bubble, wanting to speak out or rant. I write it, tidy it up, sometimes get editing help, and end up with a blog post that, when shared, gets some views and either private and public feedback. I enjoy it.

However, this blog is built on a domain name that is hard to remember. The blog posts are also not knowledge based, but idea based - meaning the return rates are low, unless I keep regularly writing and sharing. And of course, the age of personal blogs disappeared with Google Reader.

This is why I decided to try and do a small personal rebranding exercise, to see if using a modern medium could grow a bigger audience. I will post my new content on a new Substack newsletter - Code Anthropology. It is free and it will cover the same themes I have been covering before - the human side of software engineering and our relationship with code, tools, and processes.

I will start publishing soon, meanwhile - please subscribe, share and read the introductory post there.

Recent articles

The Reason Kubernetes Exist

A look through some historical reasoning for a system that lead to Kubernetes, and what it can teach us about engineering and trade-offs.