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Copy And Learn, Don't Paste

How can you learn programming and know what good looks like if there is no mentor around to help you?
25 Jan 2022

What Can 75,000 Pull Requests Tell?

I recreated Google engineering research about code reviews in a company with 10 years of pull request data, and defined some new interesting metrics.
19 Jul 2021

On The Soft Aspects Of Technical Interviews

Common non-technical pitfalls that I see candidates fall for during live coding interviews, and how to avoid them.
02 Jul 2021

On Fundamentals

I make a case why you should learn computer science fundamentals, after taking first steps in programming.
15 Jun 2021

Requiem for Phabricator

An eulogy to an open source suite of applications that contributed to the development of my software engineering philosphy.
08 Jun 2021

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